Whole of House Filtration System - 10" Single Filtration Town Water System

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Ideal for mains town water for small homes or units

10" Single Filtration System

The 10" mega filter system is designed to deliver this outcome all in one package. the secret to great tasting water is the water's surface area exposure to carbon.

The better quality and volume the carbon, the sweeter the water will be.


  • All household water free of taste and smell of chlorine that damages clothes and skin
  • Better water for food preparation
  • Saves on leaking tap repairs and seals on washing machines


  • High Pressure quality glycerol pressure gauges to measure pressure drop across filters
  • Stainless Steele Bracket
  • Canister spanner

Filter 1: 10 Micron Pleated Filter

Filter 2: 5 Micron Polyspun Filter

Filter 3: 10 Micron Carbon Filter