UltraCeram Flouride Eliminator Filter

Ideal for people concerned about added fluoride in town water

Many other filters have claimed to be able to remove fluoride from town water supply. These claims cannot be supported by independent laboratory tests and are without foundation.

Until now the only effective way of removing fluoride from water has been using reverse osmosis technology.

UltraCeram has broken through with this new filter that utilises our classes leading silver impregnated ceramic micro porous outer shell combined with a patented core technology.

The UltraCeram combines mechanical filtration and physical absorption processes  to reduce a wide variety of drinking water contaminants of the aesthetic and health concerns. The pore structure of the ceramic allows efficient contact time to improve the taste and odour of the water as well as reducing Chlorine, Chloramine, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals; such as lead mercury and arsenic, but most importantly fluoride.

The oouter shell can be gently cleaned and this removes suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria and cysts.

The results as displayed below, have been tested in accordance with NSF protocols, for cysts turbidity particulates lead, chloramines and chlorine reduction

Contaminates Removed

 Pathogenic Bacteria - 99.9999% (Alcontrol Laboratories)

Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, E.Coli, Fecal Coliform

Cysts - 100% (Alcontrol Laboratories)

Cryptpsporidium Parvam, Giardia Lamblia

Sediment - 100% absolute to 0.5 micron (IBR Laboratories)

VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds - 98%

Metals - Aluminium, Iron, Mercury, Nickle & Zinc 98%

Parmaceutical Compoints - Acetaminophen, Progesterone

Ibufofen, Naproxen Sodium 95%

Chloramines - 99%

Chlorine - 99%

Lead - 99%

Fluoride - 97%

MTBE - 97%

Arsenic - 95%

Glyphosate - 99.9%

Herbicides - 99%

Nitrates - 92%


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