Twin Under Sink Filtration - Carbon & Alkahydrate Filters

Designed for customers wanting to further refine their water.

Design a Double or Triple System


    • The fluoride reduction filter can remove fluoride up to 97%
    • The alkalinity filter can increase pH by 1 full point
    • Can build into a triple system to remove fluoride and alkalize the water
    • Comes complete with faucet

    Option 1:

    Filter 1: Ultra Ceram Fluoride Filter Cartridge
    Filter 2: Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Filter

    Option 2: 

    Filter 1: Alkalizing Filter
    Filter 2: Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Filter

    Option 3:

    Filter 1: Alkahydrate Alkaliser Filter
    Filter 2: Fluoride Removal Filter
    Filter 2: Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Filter


    Doulton Ultra Carb Ceramic Filter

    The Doulton UltraCarb Ultra-fine ceramic technology with a premium one micron carbon block filter manufactured in the USA. The one micron carbon block filter effectively removes all chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, unpleasant tastes and odour along with harmful heavy metals. Made from premium coconut-shell carbon, fresher, sweeter tasting water is ensured.


    Alkahydrate Alkaliser Filter

    The Alkahydrate alkaliser filter effectively raises pH levels as well as producing antioxidant and oxygenating qualities. The filter also emits far-infrared rays which result in shorter cluster chains in the water molecules – increasing the bio-available response and oxygen absorption in the body.

    UltraCeram Flouride Filter Cartridge

    The fluoride removal media is the same mineral that rubies and sapphires (corundum) are made from, in crystalline form. The process ‘selective adsorption’ is a physical/ chemical reaction whereby the fluoride ions are removed by binding to the media’s oxidised surface. This highly porous media has a large surface area of 200meter² per gram for optimal filtration.


    You will need to ensure you have sufficient space where your system will be installed. The approximate size of this system (Under sink twin) is 32cms L, 40cms H, 14cms D. Your system should be installed vertically for ease of future filter changes. Installation should be performed by a licensed plumber.