Why Choose Unlimited Filtered Water?

Filtered water is healthier and better tasting. The better the water quality, the more we often drink.

It's common knowledge that filtering your water for drinking is healthier than drinking water straight from the tap. This is because the water that comes from your kitchen sink contains impurities. Things like microscopic organisms, chemicals used in water treatment by your water mains supplier and other 'nasties' picked up by simply passing through your household plumbing. All of these can affect one's health.

Having filtered water is a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly way of getting clean, healthy, great tasting water. You'll also save money by no longer having to purchase bottled water for drinking.

At Aussie Water Coolers we specialise in making filtered water very affordable. You can always be assured we only supply excellent quality products known for their performance and reliability.

Clean, Healthy Water

Chemicals, minerals, heavy metals and micro-organisms are commonly present in common tap water. Water often also carries smells and odours that affect the taste. Our filtered water solutions removes these nasties ensuring your water is clean and healthy.

Great Tasting Water

The contaminants in tap water often give it a bad taste or smell. When these contaminants are filtered out, you're left with clean, healthy water that tastes great.

The best way to prove this to yourself is to taste and smell your normal tap water whilst comparing it to a sample of clean filtered water. It's even better to cook with!

Saving You Money With Low Cost Water

We believe that everyone should be able to afford and have ready access to clean, healthy, great tasting filtered water. Our many options certainly makes this a reality. The large volume of filtered water you can produce easily and conveniently makes quality filtered water low cost.

You'll also save in other ways. Having instant access to cooled, filtered water often reduces the volume of costly sugary drinks, juices and other drinks like coffee or tea people in your household or workplace will consume. No need to purchase bottled water either!

Convenient Water

With bottled water, you have to deal with the inconvenience of having to bring it home from the store. Filtered water provides you with clean, healthy water. Most of our filtered water solutions includes an in-built refrigeration cooler for your convenience.

Being readily available also makes it practical to use when cooking. Using filtered water in certain electrical appliances such as an iron, kettle or coffee maker also reduces the build-up of lime scale.

Environmentally Friendly Water

Bottled water is terrible for the environment. Large amounts of fossil fuel are used each year to produce and transport bottled water, and it takes many times the amount of water to produce the bottle as it does to fill it. Also, the majority of plastic water bottles end up in landfills. You can make a difference.