10" Triple WOH Filtration - Tank & Bore Water System

Designed for customers on tank water where the leaves from trees that cause a build-up of tannins (brown stained water) IS A problem.

The triple 10" Whole of House system is designed for people who are serious about removing bacteria, colour, odour and other potentially harmful organisms from their rain or bore water.


  • Better tasting and smelling water
  • Removes sediment, odour and bacteria
  • Removal of tannins
  • Filters animal (birds, bats) faeces deposited on your roof

Filter One:

50-20 Micron Polyspun Filter that removes dirt, rust and sediment deposits, it also helps to prevent blockages

Filter Two:

5 Micron Silver Impregnated carbon filter designed to
remove bacteria as well as reduce tannins.

Filter Three:

Aragon filter which is made from a bacteriostatic polymer made from additives of silver and granules of ion-exchange resins. Hardness salts, dissolved and colloidal iron, heavy metals and their compounds are removed through the resin
and polymer ion-exchange properties. The Aragon filters capacity also provides removal of active chlorine, chlorine-containing compounds and organic
compounds. Please see our brochure for more information


  • 10" 50-20 Micron Polyspun Filter
  • 10" 5 Micro Silver Impregnated Carbon Filter
  • 10" Aragon Filter
  • 2 x High-quality glycerol pressure
  • gauges to easy identify a blockage
  • Stainless bracket
  • Virgin plastic 10" canisters
  • Canister spanner
  • All necessary plumbing fittings