Water Purifier

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Non refrigerated compact and affordable model that still produces great tasting filtered water. Ideal for travelers or for use when space is at a premium.

Easy to use.
Boasting a high quality multi-layered filtration process, you can be assured that this Bench Top Water Purifier will give you clean, healthy, great tasting water.
Ceramic Filter extracts rust, dust, sand and bacteria
Multi-Layer Filter Contains,

  • Active Carbon – absorbs impurities, traps dirt, dust, chemicals and chlorine
  • Red Mineral Stones – Energizes the water molecule
  • Quartz Sands – Brings back a more neutral pH balance
  • Active Carbon – Removes chlorine, chemicals, dust, dirt, odour and nasty tastes
  • Medicinal Stone – Chinese Maifan Stone, (is a special mineral rock used in Chinese medicine to treat various skin diseases and contains more of micro-nutrient elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium. These are all essential to maintaining  a healthy body Mineral Stone: Keeps your water fresh and full of minerals. It also absorbs heavy metals, toxins, odors and impurities.

G.N/N.W : 2.3/2.8kgs
Dimensions: 29 x 60 x 29 cms