Platinum Freestanding Water Cooler

Ideal for lunchrooms or for home use

The AWC Free Standing Platinum Series of Water coolers represents “state of the art” features available in the delivery of filtered water systems that will compliment an office or residential situation. These Coolers supply Cold, Ambient & Hot water from separate taps deliberately placed at the top of the machine to avoid small children (under 2) from accessing the water without supervision.

The Cold & Hot option can be altered & is digitally displayed to the temperature of your choice. The Hot system has a booster button that enables the Hot system to heat to 97 degrees Celsius. These units are available as manual fill systems or if desired fitted to an under-sink water supply & converted to a Self fill POU (Point of Use). At the base of the Cooler is a bonus 20L refrigerator that is ideal for drinks or milk.


  • Produces Ambient, as well as very Hot & very Cold Filtered Water
  • Variable Temperature Control with LCD display.
  • Easy to clean & sanitise
  • Strategically placed functional taps
  • Hot Water safety device.
  • Automatic temperature locking device
  • Handy 20 L refrigerator
  • 2 Year comprehensive warranty.