Commercial Hot & Cold Water System

Ideal for any business with 10+ staff. Produces 70 litres per hour Instant Chilled Water!

The AWC combined fully filtered Piping Hot with a commercial-sized chilled under sink water system provides unsurpassed quality & value for money in the delivery of both boiling hot and refreshingly chilled filtered water effortlessly at a very affordable price.

Ideal for office kitchens, staff rooms or lunchrooms where space is limited. The AWC Commercial under sink chiller application is the perfect solution for a business or clubs needing to provide chilled filtered water on demand in high volume situations with 10 or more staff.


  • This stylish system offers both hot and cold filtered water from the same tap.
  • Produces up to 100 cups of steaming hot water per hour
  • Produces constant filtered cold drinking water on demand

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to fit, DIY install (Must have powerpoint nearby)
  • 98° Celcius steaming hot water instantly
  • High-quality American made filter that reduces chlorine, lead, chemicals and other unpleasant tastes and odours from the water
  • Special scale reduction technology within the filter protects heating elements
  • Energy-efficient and economical saving both time and money
  • Elegant swivel spout
  • Instant 14L delivery chilled water with quick re-chill
  • Adjustable temperature dial on hot
  • Option to add sparkling water