Alkaline & Fluoride Removing Filters

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Home Filters Alkaline & Fluoride Removing Filters
Home Filters Alkaline & Fluoride Removing Filters

Alkaline Filters

Much research indicates that drinking water high in pH is excellent for the body’s ability to heal itself & to improve hydration faster.

Increased pH water has added natural minerals that are absorbed by the body to improve strength & function of body processes.

A primary benefit of drinking alkaline water is its ability to wash away toxins that can accumulate in the body & cause diseases & illness. Drinking plenty of water is vital to good health.

Fluoride filters     

The only way to completely remove fluoride from water to 100% is via Reverse Osmosis. These systems can be expensive to buy & maintain when compared to regular filtration systems.

An alternative under sink filtration option is by using a fluoride removal cartridge that will remove 97% of Fluoride from the water supply.

These filters represent good value for money, will last 12 Months & remove the bulk of the fluoride from the water.